April 8, 2022

Do Brain Games Make You Smarter ?

You may have heard that one can improve their cognitive abilities by simply playing games designed by neuroscientists known as Brain Games. In fact, Brain Training is now a billion dollar industry.

We play these games to improve our "working memory". Working memory is our ability to remember and utilize information while we're in the middle of an activity. Unfortunately, current research results show that Brain Games don't really improve your cognitive skills, they just make you better at games. As a result, some of the Brain Game companies are facing stiff fines for false advertising. 

Want to really improve your brain? Play some chess!

Playing chess has immense benefits: improves memory, improves reading skills, develops planning and foresight, improves problem solving skills, promotes creativity, helps prevent Alzheimers, increases IQ, and exercises both hemispheres of the brain - just to name a few. And it's relatively inexpensive!  

From the supplement side, if you want to keep your mind sharp and ward off Dementia, simply take Heart Algae to reduce inflammation (the astaxanthin crosses the blood-brain barrier) and Omega-3 Fatty Acids (found in fish oil and walnuts).

Friendly Reminder: As with any health regimen, consult with a physician before you begin.

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How is Your Health ? 

A simple way to raise your HDL (good) cholesterol is to increase your Niacin (vitamin B3) intake. However, like everything in life, the tradeoff is niacin can also raise your liver enzymes.

Here's the good news, you can reap the benefits of Niacin without the risks by consuming healthy foods that are rich in niacin. Meats such as turkey and chicken breast contain high amounts of niacin. Beef liver contains the highest amount at 93% Daily Value. Here's a surprise, 1 cup of marinara spaghetti sauce contains as much niacin as 3 oz. of chicken breast! Tuna canned in water is a good source of niacin as well.

If you would prefer to obtain your niacin from vegetable sources, brown rice, avocados, and peanuts contain excellent amounts of niacin. They have numerous other health benefits as well.

So there is a quick tip for things you can do for healthy blood cholesterol right now! Other natural sources include sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds,  and lentils. 

10 Ways to Live a Longer Life!!

1. Consider supplementing with 10,000  IU's of Vitamin D each day.

2. Reduce your use of painkillers, such as ibuprofen and naproxen, which raise your risk of heart attack and stroke. Try hot spices instead.

3. Do not consistently sleep less than six hours per night, which also doubles your risk of heart attack and stroke.

4. Drink some green tea each day.

5. Stay hydrated each day by drinking enough water to keep your urine a light yellow or clear color.

6. The Mediterranean type diet, consisting of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, fish, and nuts, is the best diet for overall health and longevity. It even increases the length of your telomeres. Scientists link longer telomeres to longevity, lower risk of disease, and better brain health.

7. Finding your purpose in life and doing something that matters will add an extra seven years to your life.

8. Take at least one vacation each year. No excuses. It's not worth the coronary artery disease.

9. Consider living at a higher elevation to force your body to make more red blood cells, which will strengthen your heart and circulation.

10. Take Essanté Organics Super Reds each day to truly lengthen your telomeres. Don't be fooled by astragalus root and Activator products that are simply expensive antioxidants.

How is Your Health ? 

A simple way to lower your LDL cholesterol, other than statin drugs, is to reduce your sugar consumption. Sugar stimulates the liver to produce more LDL cholesterol (bad) and less HDL cholesterol (the good stuff). 

Your balance deteriorates with age. Try standing on one leg for 60 seconds, then switch legs each time you brush your teeth in order to regain this vital component of physical fitness.

If you notice changes in your health, balance issues, or other concerning developments, don't hesitate to consult with a physician. 

The good news is that with Unity Telehealth, a health professional is just a chat, video or phone call away! Be sure and tell a friend. Here is a link to our website for more info: